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What Your Colleagues Are Saying

"The lightning quick turnaround is amazing and very helpful... you have helped me be well ahead of the time by which I have to be renewed in November. What a relief!"

-C. S. in Wyoming, 9/28/21

"I was not expecting the certificate for a couple of days. That's what I call service!"

-Dr. T. B. in Louisiana, 6/25/21

“I liked the course and appreciated your help and timely response.”

–Dr. C. R. in Canada, 5/17/21

“You are professional and efficient and I appreciate you more than you can know!”

–Dr. B. M. in WV, 3/22/21

“Thank you for that quick fix! I was able to successfully update my credits. I really appreciate your assistance.”

–J. L. in PA, 1/15/21

“Thanks! Y'all are AWESOME!”

–Dr. S. J. in TX, 12/30/20

"Thank you for accommodating my request. Your prompt response has helped me to ensure that I will meet the renewal date for my license."

–D. M. in FL, 8/17/20

"You guys do great work. I really enjoy the wide variety of helpful topics in your courses."

–C. W. in AZ, 7/9/20

"I am really enjoying the Directions in Psychiatry CME. This method is ideal for me as I can't travel to do CMEs at conferences. I honestly feel like I learn more in these lessons as compared to a lecture."

–E. W. in TX, 3/4/20

"This was by far the best experience I've had trying to meet this ABPN requirement. Thanks."

–J. T. in CA, 2/12/20