Underage & Overweight, CE Book & Supplement, Print Edition

Underage & Overweight, CE Book & Supplement, Print Edition
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Course Description

Underage and Overweight is invaluable in bringing together weight and eating research, and making it easily accessible to those who work with children. The book contains many charts, graphs, lists, short items, and an appendix providing a wealth of resources, all essential to professionals. Whether used by a health care provider, workshop leader, counselor, educator,coach, or parent, these references will be valuable time after time.

When you order, you'll receive a hard copy of the book, Underage and Overweight and the CE supplement in the mail. To earn credit, you must complete and turn in your answers to the questions in the supplement.

Underage and Overweight At A Glance
Multiple Choice Questions: 30
Clock Hours Awarded:
10 Clock Hours for CRCC, CCM, CDMSC
24 Clock Hours for NBCC, APA

Underage and Overweight Lessons
Part I: Battle for Our Children's Health
1. Our Childhood Obesity Crisis
2. The Risks of Childhood Obsesity
Part II: Root Causes
3. Childhood Obesity: Nature Versus Nurture
4. The Consequences of Sedentary Living
5. Dysfunctional Eating Behavior: An Overview
6. Death of the Family Meal
7. Feeding Our Kids at School: Who's in Charge?
Part III: False Starts
8. Why Past Solutions Haven't Worked
9. Dieting is Not the Answer
10. Challenges for Overweight Children
Part IV: A New Perspective
11. Wellness and Wholeness
12. Health at Every Size
Part V: Effecting Change
13. What Works; What Doesn't
14. The Benefits of Active Living
15. Normalizing Your Child's Eating
16. The Basics of Good Nutrition
17. What Schools Can Do
18. Shaping a Nurturing Environment
19. Healthcare: A New Paradigm
20. Seven Steps to a Healthier Weight
21. Helping the Overweight Child

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