Rehabilitation CE

Rehabilitation CE

As a rehabilitation professional you know that your time is of critical importance. That's why Hatherleigh developed its outstanding line of CE home-study programs. Our programs give you more time to commit to your practice without sacrificing the reliability of the information you need to stay current. All of our CE courses are fully approved and are easy to read, review, and complete, in the privacy and comfort of your home or office. And on top of all that, absolutely no advertisers or outside support influences any of the content in our CE courses. You can count on the fact that the information you read and depend upon is unbiased and up-to-date!

Attention Certified Case Managers (CCMs) ONLY: New CCMC guidelines for self-study continuing education hours will change the number of credits awarded in the future for Hatherleigh's coursework. CRCs and CDMSs are not affected.

For you to receive the maximum amount of credit for the volumes you purchased, (20 hours for Directions in Rehabilitation Counseling and 4-6 hours for Ethical Issues in Rehabilitation) please adhere to the following submission guide. After these dates, credit hours will be significantly reduced.

Please submit your completed quiz to Hatherleigh by the deadlines outlined below per volume. Upon successful completion, you will receive 20 credit hours as follows:

Directions in Rehabilitation Counseling:

Volume 30: September 12, 2020
Volume 29: December 31, 2020
Volume 28: February 15, 2021
Volume 27: September 15, 2020
Volume 26: September 15, 2020
Volume 25: September 15, 2020
Volume 24: February 18, 2021
Volume 23: February 18, 2021
Volume 22: February 18, 2021
Volume 21: February 18, 2021
Volume 20: February 18, 2021

Ethical Issues in Rehabilitation Counseling:

Please submit your complete quiz form for the following volumes which will award 4-6 credit hours upon successful completion by these deadlines:

Volume 9: July 25, 2021
Volume 8: February 18, 2021
Volume 7: February 18, 2021
Volume 6: February 18, 2021
Volume 5: February 18, 2021