Hatherleigh was founded in 1981 by Frederic Flach, MD. An esteemed physician and educator, he saw the need for an objective and reliable source of authoritative information free from commercial support that was acceptable to meet continuing medical education requirements mandated by his profession.

He formed an Advisory Board and invited clinicians to share their extensive expertise and experiential insight through the preparation of a unique learning tool. 6,000 words in length. Practical and useful knowledge. Essential, concise, without confusing, inefficient jargon. Bold-facing of key learning points. An Editor's Note which framed the topic in a special way for the practitioner to assimilate this knowledge readily into their daily work.

This highly concentrated learning tool Dr. Flach called a "Lesson". It exists to this day. It is the building block of every course we offer.

Dr. Flach's vision of offering his peers the solution to stay current without being overwhelmed has expanded to include every field of medicine and healthcare.

His dedication to excellence still guides Hatherleigh every day. We welcome you to our way of postgraduate learning. We are honored to serve you.