Exercises for Back Pain CE Program

Exercises for Back Pain CE Program
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Course Description

Exercises for Back Pain provides an introductory background and overview for the fitness professional, thus allowing a more specific and goal-oriented program design to preventative programming using various fitness strategies. The material falls within the scope of practice for fitness professionals as this is non-clinical, exercise-based protocols.

Exercises for Back Pain includes customized exercises for men and women who suffer from back pain or who have undergone back surgery. This comprehensive guide also teaches you about the causes of back pain, its affects on your general health and well-being, and how exercise can safely supplement your treatment or post-operative recovery.

Course Objectives

Students will be able to review and gain knowledge of total-body workout plans designed to assist in improving quality of life of those at risk for back pain.

Students will be able to learn how to correct many of the most common causes of back pain including poor posture, improper lifting habits, and weak legs and core muscles.

Students will be able to learn facts on signs, symptoms, and risk factors of back pain.