Customer Feedback

Here's what your peers are saying today:

"Thank you very much, especially for timely reply! Love your product. Viva Hatherleigh CME!" -D.P. MD in LA, 8/3/16

"Thank you for your wonderful customer service and the favor! I will not be anxious about getting my certificate in time for my recertification because of your kindness. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate it!" -M.J.K. in MA 9/19/16

"Awwwww, thank you sooooo much!! Hatherleigh is my CRC place!! Thanks again." -M.W., in NY, 11/25/16

"I have received the three course attachments you sent today. Thank you so much. You have been so helpful. I am very appreciative of your support and will most certainly continue to place orders with Hatherleigh". - J.S. in OR, 4/13/16

"You were SO helpful and kind yesterday, and I enjoyed connecting with you. I want to thank you for your assistance. You honor Hatherleigh with the superior customer service in helping me." L.M. in NC, 6/1/16

"Thank you for your excellent customer service today! I appreciate your assistance to ensure my responses are scored and your timely notification there was a problem. Appreciate you!" G.S. in LA, 6/14/16

"I just wanted to thank you for such outstanding customer service! Not only did you quickly get me the digital copy of my newly ordered volume but you did the same for another volume that I totally forgot that I purchased." J.M. in OR, 8/1/16

"Perfect, thanks so, so much. I really appreciate your quick response as well as the easy use of this system." D.B. in MN, 8/2/16

"Thank you, thank you! I appreciate your help so much. The Doctor is now pleased." -R.H. in Florida, 3/1/16

"Thank you very kindly for all your help today by phone and for this follow-up! Your quick follow-up and thoughtful assistance today was very much appreciated." - M. H. in Canada, 2/29/16

"Thank you again for the quick responses and follow-up!" - N.C. in Illinois, 1/21/16

"As always, you are great and I appreciate your help very much!" - C.C. in Tennessee, 1/8/16

"Thank you. I appreciate your expediting this. Great customer service." - S. K. in Tennessee, 11/20/15

"I'm calling just to say huge thank you. In the last couple of minutes you guys have already scored my two volumes that I sent to you and I'm so impressed especially on a Friday afternoon just 10 minutes before closing you guys are doing this for me and making this happen so quickly. Anyway you mentioned you already put the responses in the mail and you guys are just awesome just totally, totally awesome you're the best service I've ever worked with in my life."
-S. K. PhD, Visalia CA, 7/10/15

"Thanks for the transcript and update of courses I have to complete yet. I discovered I saved those other course PDF files into the wrong folder on my computer. I get emails and snail mail all the time from your competitors, who are trying to get me to do their CEUs, but it’s your personal service and quality products that keep me coming back even to the point of having extra CEUs I still need to work on. "
- D. W. PhD, Saint Louis MO, 5/7/15

"Thank you so much for the prompt and courteous help! I believe this was my 3rd order with Hatherleigh, and I will be ordering again in the future."
-A. S., Manalapan NJ, 5/6/15

"Thanks so much. Gee, I’ve been a customer for almost 20 years – amazing! That speaks well of your programs!"
-D. D., West Palm Beach FL, 4/22/15

"Thank you! I am working on the ones that I have not yet submitted and will also be placing an order for some new ones later today. Thank you for always providing such excellent customer service. Although the content of the courses are valuable, I can honestly say that it is the customer service that keeps me coming back to Hatherleigh."
-M. P., Plainwell MI, 12/8/14

"I enjoy the ease of ordering from Hatherleigh. Customer service has always been professional, friendly and very quick to fix any problem - no matter how small. I highly recommend Hatherleigh to anyone. "
-M. C., Mesa AZ, 6/24/13

"I’m very pleased with the outcome of my phone call to Hatherleigh this morning and I’m also appreciative of your ability to figure out what I needed and how you provided solutions. Thank you so much for a very professional experience and for providing my volume and an invoice so quickly."
- C. Y., Billings MT, 7/8/13

"I wish to thank you for your graciousness and support. I have experienced nothing short of the highest quality of customer care and service, promptness, and professionalism in dealing with your company over the years. I have "spread the word" over the years and passed out information about your company to many other colleagues in different venues.

Your service means so much to us practitioners, especially as it pertains to vital continuing education and information to conduct our craft, and the associated credits needed to maintain our licenses."

- A. Z., PhD, Wilmington DE, 7/8/13

"Thanks for helping me out on my PDF retrieval project.  From the transcript you sent I see that over the last 20 years I have completed 17 courses. I always liked Hatherleigh courses because they made for a very efficient use of my time."
C. J., PhD, Edmonds WA, 2/1/13

"You guys are so awesome! I sure appreciate your customer service. I don't think I would use any CE service other than Hatherleigh!"
S. M.-K., Ilion NY, 2/25/13

"We can't thank you enough for expediting this process for us. You were terrific. Many thanks. Hatherleigh will remain our #1 choice."
M. A., PhD and K. S.-A., King of Prussia PA, 2/26/13

"I really appreciate your honesty and integrity in dealing with customers like me. This just strengthens my loyalty to your company."
A. Z., MD, Vallejo CA, 2/27/13

"Thanks for your prompt reply on the replacement ethics course due to my oversight on a duplicate order. I guess you just can't be too ethical!"
M. D., Easthampton MA, 4/23/13

"I am always surprised by your efficiency.  Thank you for all of your help. Look forward to ordering again this next year from Hatherleigh. It is the best online resource for CE's I have ever researched."
C. S., Fayetteville AZ, 6/9/13

"Thank you for the e-mail copies of the courses. Much to my surprise, the ethics course arrived in today's mail and I've completed it and will fax it to you tomorrow. Great service!"
K. S., PhD, Anchorage AK, 6/11/13